Best. Box. Ever.

It has quite a shine, if you look closely you can see my outline!
Isn't this just the coolest box you've ever seen? Such a chic white flame, and black 'n white is one of my favorite combinations ever!

Oh, what's in the box? Maybe that's somewhat important.

Maybe I'm losing my mind. Even though it's a pretty sweet box, a sane girl would never treasure this box MORE than the contents it holds.

The Magic of Sephora

So, for Christmas this year, I got REAL MAKEUP! This is the first time I've had nice makeup; I've always stuck with the drugstore stuff. I have to say, however, Sephora's collection is quite impressive. 
The red Sephora lipstick is a beauty, and stays on for days. (Slight exaggeration, that would be a bit too good, wouldn't it?) 
The Tarte inner rim liner really opens my eyes up, and it's better than white eyeliner, because it's a more natural skin color.
The Too Faced "Milk Chocolate Soleil" bronzer is perfection. It has a brown base rather than orange, and it's made with real cocoa, so it has a slight chocolatey scent. And the texture is heavenly.

So those are the first pieces in my collection of "real makeup"! Does you have any suggestions as to what my next addition could be?


  1. I stick to the drugstore makeup too. I recently started getting some Urban Decay products, and they're amazing. As for Sephora, I still have yet to try their stuff out. You should try out the Urban Decary setting spray, if you haven't tried that out already. it's amazing. The eyeshadow primer is amazing too! Great post! :) Love your blog! xx

  2. I get most of my makeup from Sephora though I've tried very little from their actual line of makeup. You definitely need to try Urban Decay's eye primer - it's a product I can't live without.

    1. That definitely sounds like a necessity. I use e.l.f. eyelid primer right now, and I know I could do Better than it!

  3. Replies
    1. Thats a good idea...I have a foundation im happy with right now, but I will definitely try a new one when its gone!

  4. Great collection! I would have to agree with everyone else, Urban Decay has amazing makeup. I say eyeshadows and foundation are a must have in your collection. Naked palettes have beautiful natural hues and Bare Minerals has a great powder foundation.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I definitely need some quality eye shadows. I've heard great things about Urban Decay!





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