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Hi Everyone! Moriah from here today. I’m doing a guest post for Alyssa, who is just the coolest. I’m going to brag here for a second - I know this chick in real life. Like we hang out occasionally. Isn’t that so cool? Trust me, it’s cool.

Anyway, I don’t write about fashion. I am clueless there. I write about food and workouts. Yup. You heard me right. I am a certified fitness instructor, so the last time I wore pants that weren’t made of quick-dry, compressive, spandex-ish stuff was.... probably right around the last time I hung out with Alyssa. Too long ago. I actually forgot what jeans are. Not even kidding.

But guess what? All of that is ok, because it is actually becoming trendy to wear cute athletic clothes even when you’re not working out. This was perfect timing. I actually think I started the trend. Just kidding.

I am realizing that I end a lot of paragraphs with either ‘kidding’ or ‘not kidding.’ Not kidding.

So basically, I am here to talk about some of the trendy stores that have been all of the range in the workout world/non workout world lately.
Ready? Lets start with the most obvious:

#1: Lululemon.
Duhhh. You can’t step out of the house these days without seeing at least one Omega sign (the Lululemon logo - I have no idea why) sign stitched onto headbands, leggings, or the back of adorable sweatshirts. Granted, the place gets a lot of smack for being highway robbery when it comes to prices, but I don’t think people realize that Lululemon isn’t actually any more expensive than most other stores of it’s kind. Nike, Reebok, Lucy, and Athleta (to name a few) all hang out in the same price range.
All that being said, Lulu has some amazing pieces. I love how versatile their clothing is. It is functional - quick dry, anti-chafing, even anti-stink - but also classy and cute. I have a pair of grey Herringbone Wunder Unders (leggings) that stretch and breath during a hard workout, or I can wear them with my White Stripe Nice Asana Jacket for running errands or heading to class. Despite the cost, I think a few lululemon items are essential for anyone who spends a lot of time at the gym.

#2 Nike

Good old Nike. I love this company’s style a lot. I recently bought a purple shirt from there (on sale!) and I love it. Its perfect over a thin striped tank top. I can throw it on after teaching as I head to my college classes and suddenly I look somewhat like I have my act together. I also want a pair of their Leg-A-See New York Leggings as soon as they go on sale. They’re just the coolest!!

#3 Fabletics:

This is an innovative company, recently co-founded by Kate Hudson. Each month you see the style guide and then choose whether or not you’re going to by an outfit (or an individual piece.) The prices are decent - a whole 2-3 piece outfit is about $50. Plus, your first outfit is only $25!! You can beat that. I used my first outfit deal to get this jacket and shorts - I love them both! The jacket is so cute. Its more like wearing a long sleeve shirt, so it’s not too heavy to wear for workouts. The shorts are great for deep squatting (They’re tight, but this is actually the most modest way to go for deep squats and floor ab work. Think about it.) and they don’t chafe, which is HUGE for me. I also love these pants with the stripe - so cute!

#4: Reebok

Reebok is quickly becoming on of the favorites - specifically because I get a fitness professional discount there that beats all other stores. My one complaint is that they cater to women who are really muscular, so my shoulders are sometimes drowned in fabric (and keeping my shirt on while I’m teaching in front of 20 people would be nice.)
That being said, I love the simplicity of the designs, but the details in the print. They incorporate fitness vocabulary into their print in abstract ways, which seems to be a big hit with customers, as most of those pieces are sold out.

So thanks for reading, everyone! I love reviewing fitness gear, so if you dig that stuff feel free to visit my blog or follow me on twitter @triorbust.
Thanks Alyssa! Feel better soon so we can hang out and you can help me buy real clothes!



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