How to Make [Vintage] Modern.

So, for my social studies class I have to create an advertisement for a product in the 1920s, and I picked a fashion boutique (of course!) I was excited to look more closely at the fashion of the 1920s!

When I used to think of 1920s, I thought of dingy, old fashioned stuff that people called "Vintage." Looking into the really fashion of that decade, a discovered a beauty I'm sorry I missed before. The project really inspired me to look more into the fashion of the 1920s, and come out with a few 1920s inspired pieces you could incorporate into your fashion today!

The Pieces:

 Long pearl strands. They just scream luxury! The fact that your body is literally draped in pearls, whether they're real ones or not, gives the wearer an air of dignity and class.

 Long gloves. Elegance with a rebel air. Obviously I wouldn't suggest wearing these on a day to day basis, that's a little unnecessary, but if you have a fancy occasion to wear them for, rock them!

Beaded headbands. Its like the fancy, rich version of the boho headband look. I would totally wear these on a regular day with a nice outfit.

Now the trick to wearing cultural or throwback items without looking like your dressed for holloween is  to make sure you don't wear them all at the same time. Sneak one of them into an otherwise modern outfit to spice up the look, or give it a chic and unique spin. You will notice that in the modern pictures above this is executed very nicely.

So whenever you're feeling that vintage vibe but don't want to look like a crazy lady, rock one of these statements!
Have a fabulous day and feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section!


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