Weekend Finds

I went shopping this weekend in the biggest mall in Connecticut, the Danbury Fair Mall! My mom, sister, two aunts, grandma, and I met up for a day at the mall. While I was there, there were several items that caught my eye. Here's a few of them, maybe they'll catch your eye too!

Coach Catrice Sunglasses
These Coach sunglasses. I walked straight to them as soon as a stepped in the door of the Coach store. They have almost a cat eye effect, and they were very flattering for a shorter face shape as they elongate the face and pull the attention upward...the same way short cat eye eyeliner seems to give the wearer wider eyes.

LOFT Petites red dress
This LOFT dress. I did buy this one. It was not what I was originally planning on getting, but when I saw it I kind of fell in love with it. It fits very nicely, with a nice A-line flare and cuts off a few inches above the knee. While you could wear this anytime during the fall/winter season, I think this dress would be perfect fit a Christmas party. I looked all over the web for a better picture to show you guys, but I can't find this dress anywhere! Its not even on the LOFT website.

Banana Republic Faux-Fur Trim Bow Coat
This Banana Republic wool-blend coat. The store did a very good job advertising this, as it was the very first thing my aunt and I saw when we walked in the door, and it definitely caught our attention. The length is perfect for a classy winter coat, and the faux fur collar is very chic. Its one of those pieces that I won't stop thinking about.

So those were my finds this weekend, did anyone else find anything worth sharing?
Happy Monday!


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