Flowers everywhere! But this time, instead of blooming out of the earth, they're popping into fashion. While the floral prints started peeking out awhile ago, they really made waves during 2014 spring shows this year. So to celebrate the blooming of these beautiful flowers, here are a few of my favorite floral pieces:
These Dr. Martins. 

They add a bit of femininity to the bulky work boot shape. One of my friends has a pair of these, and  I want to complement her every time she wears them.

These Spring 2014 Dolce and Gabanna earrings. 

They are the perfect touch of floral to a light spring outfit, and the big bulky earring is a trend now, too.

This floral inspired makeup.

Its bright and fun, and could finish off a bright spring look, or add a pop of color to a neutral ensemble! I also love how natural it still looks, its not total overkill on the makeup.

I love how different each of these are, and how broad the range of possibilities is within the floral world! I can't wait until spring so I can flaunt these fun colors!


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