A Few Thoughts.

I love haute couture. Absolutely amazing and luxe art. I would love to design haute couture someday. Even the feeling of just looking at pictures of the designs, like the one above, gives me the chills. The good kind.

However, the song "Royals" by Lorde (also absolutely amazing) has a very good point. While many people strive for wealth and fame, you don't need all of that to be happy and content.

What does this have to do with fashion? I'm saying go ahead and like whatever style and clothing you want, but don't judge other people because of their style, or lack thereof. I think that is an important and often needed reminder for many of us, including myself.
For Christians, God has called us to love others, and to show his love to everyone we come in contact with. I was reading James 2 today, and verse 2 warns against giving the best seat to the wealthy, while totally dissing the poor man. Aren't we all made in God's image? Love people no matter what they wear.


  1. Right on! No matter what they wear, no matter how they look and no matter their health situation or mental capacity. God made us all and regards us all equally. We are all made perfect in His image, according to His will! ...and we are ALL weird or different as far as someone is concerned!





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