Ice Chiffon Dress

As soon as I write this, I'm off to cut a few rectangles out of this gorgeous polyester chiffon:

I ordered this from Mood Fabrics, and it looks even more amazing in person than it does in the picture. Literally, it looks like liquid metal. When it came in, I draped the sheet of fabric around myself, made all sorts of weird poses in the mirror, and felt like I was a stone-cold queen from the future. (I was experimenting with how the fabric fell, duh. Not just being weird.)

Here is the future I have planned for the fabric: 

And I am so. wicked. excited. 
BONUS: The chiffon is polyester rather than silk, so it will be much easier to work with- which means that the dress will be done sooner and I can wear it sooner!

What do you guys think? What occasion would you wear this dress for?


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