Sketchbook Snapshot- Silk Wool Dress

Here's a quick snap of my workspace at the moment:

And here is a close-up of my design!

I used markers, watercolor paint, and watercolor pencils to create this design, which I envision in an off-white silk wool. (A bit of tulle underneath the skirt will add volume.) 

I have already draped muslin for the bodice of the dress:

The cowl in the back is actually very dramatic, and there is a reverse cowl on the front which balances the drama of the back without being too overwhelming. 

From the side, the cowls create a very modern and sculptural look!

I would envision this design to be worn to an event where the the artistry of the design would be appreciated.

In my design, I paired the dress with simple red pumps, but there are so many other options that could make the look totally different! What shoes would you choose to wear with it?


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