Christmas Gifts: The Shoes

I got the best shoes ever for Christmas. I got three pairs, and they were all very different. But I love them all in their own way! So here they are:

These brown boots are classy and go with everything! They are that perfect shade of brown, and can be worn with other browns, or black!

These Dr. Martens are the bomb! They are fun, and the heel adds a bit of femininity to the bulky shoe. These can be either dressed up or dressed down.

These Fergalicious heels are perfect for a glamorous evening! My mom said that they reminded her of one of the pairs of shoes in this blog post, so she knew I would love them!

So that's the lineup! Which one do you like best?


  1. love the Dr Martens, I've always stayed away from them but I'm liking the heel update xx

    1. Thank you! I like the heel I said I think it adds some femininity to the bulky design:)





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