Purfume, or Water?


Yesterday in Social Studies we looked at a chart that showed how much different countries spent on "luxuries" compared to "necessities". The chart was, not surprisingly, very lopsided. The chart showed that if the US and UK gave up perfume, we would have more than enough money to supply water and sanitation FOR ALL. Or, we would have twice the amount needed to supply basic education FOR ALL.
Why then, the question was, dont we stop using perfume altogether?

Its a difficult one to answer. There are many different sides to this question, and the bigger question, why don't we give up all luxuries for the betterment of society?
While getting everyone to give up all luxuries would be impossible and unreasonable, why can't the industry do more to aid others who aren't as fortunate as us?
I know there are a lot of companies that donate to different charities and causes, I dont mean to bash everyone. But my question is:

There are still people out there who are suffering.
Why don't we do more?

Please tell me what you think!


  1. We live in a selfish world & as bad as i sounds it's true. Yes, there are people out there in this world who are miserably suffering. They don't have much food, water, & shelter & it's sad. Even though we have all that and much more we still have that mind set of being broke/poor. We don't understand how there life situation is because we have never lived through it. We see it as we have our own problems to deal with. We work for a living. It would be great if all just weren't so selfish but that's just how were born and raised. I mean it is what it is. This is just what i see it as (:

    1. So true... The question is if we can put aside our selfishness once in awhile to help:) xx





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