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Mascara review: Almay Get Up and Grow

I tried Almay's Get Up and Grow mascara for the first time this summer.
Before this, I had always used Maybelline and I loved it. While sometimes it tended to get a little clumpy, it gave me lots of volume. But after I got the Almay as a gift, I was totally excited to try it; I'm always open to trying new things.
And, I loved it! It became my new daily mascara.
I was kind of surprised by how much volume it gave me,  because the brush is one of the straight, thin ones meant for lengthening and separating. However, not only does it give the great length it claims to, it also gives a good amount of volume. And best of all, it doesn't clump!
Have you ever used Almay? Did you like it?


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