Journal Note: The Perfect Outfit

I'm going to start doing Journal Notes every once in awhile as I collect random thoughts and discoveries that I hope will not only help me, but also be helpful for you! So here's my first one:

A lot more goes into a good outfit than I thought. You have to think of the trends you want in the outfit, and how to mix different ones. Its tricky, because when you look at them separately, it looks like gold glitter and soft florals would never go together. But when you look at the outfit as a whole, they look perfect together!
Its not really until you pick the outfit apart that you REALLY begin to appreciate it and all the effort that goes into putting together a good one.
You have to decide what you want the main focus of the outfit to be, like you would with a painting or any other piece of art. Then you have to figure out how to make the focus of the outfit stand out from everything else. The outfit that Lily Collins was wearing in this post is a perfect example: she brought the attention to the light kimono and shimmering heels by dressing the rest of herself in black, to create a sort of background.

There will be more journal entries to come, as I collect more random thoughts and discoveries! Theres also a lot more that could be said about the creation of an outfit, and as more does to me, I'll be sure to share it with you!
Have a great week all!:)


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    1. Yes absolutely! Your blog looks amazing as well!!:) just followed you on bloglovin xx





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