Update: Muslin Headband

So, as some of you may know, I sewed my first item of "clothing"  a few weeks ago, but for those of you who have yet to find out my humble beginnings, click here.

Above is a picture of the result of my most recent sewing adventure. I had a roll of muslin, and I thought, hmmm, what does one make with muslin? And then I thought that it would make a great headband. 
The experience overall was enlightening. 
Yes I came out with a headband... We shall see if I like it after I wear it. I realized that I need to give myself a lot more "wiggle room" than I originally thought... I think giving myself an inch if material for seams and trimmings was not quite enough, as the headband fits quite snuggly on my head...but it fits nonetheless! If I could redo it, I would also make the headband a little thinner, maybe 1 1\2 inches instead of 2. 
But... I accomplished the feat of making something wearable! Yay! Celebrate with me!:) 

I also went into a fabric store today...yes, for the first time... And they are very boring and quiet. Doesn't make searching through isles of material very exciting. And they didn't even have what I wanted.

But on the plus side... new headband!:)





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