On Inspiration and Notepads

Many of my journal notes are going to be quick ideas I might just get randomly that I have to write down and share with you guys!

 So in this note, I am just going to explain the importance of keeping a place to put notes, for fashion, art or anything you're interested in!

Inspiration is a tricky little thing, and you gotta catch the ideas it gives you as they fly by. One second you may have this amazing idea, and the next minute its gone, never to be remembered again.

You never know when inspiration is going to come to you.

For awhile now I've carried around a sketch book with me so whenever I get an ideas for a design, I can get it down on paper. If I'm sitting in Spanish class and we're watching a video on the ancient Mayans, and something about the scenery or mood inspires me, I just whip out my pad and pound out a few dresses or outfits while I'm still under the influence of whatever idea had come on me!
I heard of one guy, I forget his name, that kept a journal right next to his bed, so that he could right down his dreams as soon as he woke up so he wouldn't forget them. Apparently he had some crazy cool ideas.
Just recently I've tried to start carrying a notepad with me as well, so if an idea comes to my head I can write it out. I often end up not using a real notepad and just using my tablet instead.
Honestly, if you don't already, I suggest that everyone, especially people going into design, carries a sketch book with them EVERYWHERE. even if your not an "artist," everyone can have good ideas:) I don't know how many times I've had a really good idea and haven't written it down, and got so upset when I couldn't remember it later.
So anyway, just a little rant on the importance of a sketchbook/notepad/SOMETHING to keep your ideas in...
It might just come in handy!

Do any of you already carry a notepad around? What kind of stuff do you put in it?


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