Saturday Picks: Simplistic Statements

Here they are! The weekly picks! The overall theme this week is simplistic statements, with basic colors but certain aspects of the outfit that make it POP!

J Brand Jeans 2012
Simple earthen tones with a glossy, eye catching finish

Celine Fall 2013
Love the soft folds..a very warm and inviting look

Kilian Kerner Fall/Winter 2013
Only one base color, but the shimmering affect adds depth and excitement

DKNY Blouse, St. John pants, Marc Jacobs bag
The same color outfit not only smooths the whole figure out, it also directs attention to the beautiful and confident smile of the woman wearing it!

Thats it for today! I hope it gave you some inspiration for the upcoming week!
Remember to comment on your favorites!:)


  1. I like the fourth picture, but I think just a pop of color on the lips would finish this look.

    1. Yes, its an outfit that really let's you experiment with a variety of looks...I think it all depends on your preferences! A bold lip color would look great too!:)

  2. Cool post :)
    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

    1. Yes I would love that! Your blog looks really great too!:)





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