Woman Crush Wednesday: Style Crush

Every Wednesday from now on, in honor of Woman Crush Wednesday, I am going to write a post on someone with amazing style, what makes their style unique, and how you can make the style your own! Because honestly, when you think of a celebrity you adore, its often because of their fabulous clothes, right?

This week's style crush: Lily Collins

I am going to start with an obvious one. Lily Collins is one of my favorite celebrities, and it is so fun to look up pictures of her different clothing selections. She's got that perfect mix of classic and trendy. She often times opts for the classic look, but she's certainly not afraid to mix it up a bit.

Today's look:

Here, Lily Collins went with the whole "mixing trends" trend. The floral colored, loose butterfly top pairs well with her shimmering champagne booties. Notice that she brings the attention to these two eye catching pieces by dressing the rest of her body in black, to create a sort of background for the "stars" of her production.

How to get the look:
I'm having trouble linking the picture to the websites, (I'm still new to blogging) so here are the links:

For the necklace, you could really wear any long necklace you have, but here's a choice for a fancier one.

I would love to hear what you think! Should I do this again with someone else? 
Happy hump day/wcw!:)


  1. I love Lily Collins style so cool but chic! You chose great pics as well! x





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